School Staff Directory
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Staff Member Assignment Contact

Frank McNeill


Tara Fanning

Vice Principal, Grade 7&8 French


Ethel Slaunwhite

Administrative Assistant


Sheila Tobin


Nicole Poirier


Lynn MacDonald

Grade 1

Sue Ellen Heighton Langille

Grade 2

Myrna LeBlanc

Grade 2/3

Katy Hampton

Grade 3

Carlie Thompson

Grade 5/6

Linda Murray

Grade 5


Mrs. Bernice Langille

Program Support

Mrs. Bonnie Boulter

ELS & Reading Recovery

Ms. Donna Beaton

EMS & Grade 4/5 Math




Physical Education

Mrs. Val Cyr


Mrs. Maureen Smith

Educational Assistant


Mrs. June Hill

Educational Assistant


Mrs. Jean Ives-Fraser

Educational Assistant


Ms.  Lynette McKay

Educational Assistant



Cafeteria Supervisor


Mrs. Darlene Pask

Lunch Supervisor/ Library



Lunch Supervisor/ Library



Lunch Supervisor


Mrs. Robyn Landry

Daytime Custodian








Mr Mike Paquet

Bus Driver


Mr Scott Hefler

Bus Driver